New Year, New Menus!

New Year, New Menus!

Make a New Year’s resolution to stir up some excitement at your restaurant to engage customers, old and new. One of the best ways to achieve this is by revamping your menu. From impactful visual changes such as updating menu size, color, graphics, and layout to more in-depth, revenue-focused updates, utilizing menu optimization methodology to culinary updates including removing slow-sellers and adding new dishes in categories guests want, now is the time to rethink things for 2024.

Explore How You Can Enhance Your Menu:

Reinvigorate Your Brand Image: Ensure that your menu aligns with your unique brand identity, making use of updated colors, logos, and design elements.

Offerings Geared Toward Profitability: Streamline your menu by removing less profitable items and replacing them with delectable dishes that not only satisfy guests but also contribute to your bottom line. Stay ahead of culinary trends and craft a menu that entices customers with new and exciting flavors.

Inspiration from Global Cuisine: Incorporate dishes from Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin, Caribbean, and other cuisines to appeal to a wide range of customers.

Plant-Based Foods: Offer meatless options to cater to the increasing demand for vegan and vegetarian diners.

Value Meals: Create meal combos to give customers a great deal and attract them to your restaurant.

New Dishes: Stay updated with the latest beverage offerings to appeal to patrons of all ages. Include alcohol-free drinks, mocktails, a variety of coffees, tea cocktails, and unique vegan cocktails.

Price Adjustments: Know your pricing! Could you recalculate the hard costs of making your dishes and update pricing accordingly? Don’t operate at a loss, reevaluate expenses for higher ROI.

Optimization: Optimize the placement of items on your menu by using call-outs, photos, and engaging category headers to draw customers' attention and make the menu easier to navigate.

Plan your new menus now so that 2024 brings many happy returns: returning customers and return on investment! MenuWorks creates winning menus in attractive formats, plus pop-in pages, inserts, and table tanks for restaurants of all sizes. Add interest with a new menu crafted in our durable, easy-to-clean laminated options that can include Microban® antimicrobial protection at no additional charge. To learn more about revamping and refreshing your menu and how our turnkey services, menu design, and optimization expertise can help, contact one of MenuWorks’ experienced account managers. We’ll send a sample pack of menus, inserts, and table tanks for reference and inspiration.