Arroyo Grill

You and your company are amazing in that you got our order, had a proof, send to print and was in our hands within one week. I don’t know of any company anywhere with any product that does that. Again, thank you so much. We will definitely be working with you all in the future.



They all came out awesome! So many compliments on them, people didn't even notice the price increases! Thank you and your team for all your hard work!!!



Working with MenuWorks for the past year has been more than a pleasure. They make sure that each order we place is proofed and sent over in a timely manner. They also take into consideration our needs when it comes to when we need our product. They ALWAYS make sure the product comes on time and is organized accordingly…



Working with MenuWorks was a great experience. The process was easy and fast. We love the way our menus came out and we have had positive comments about them.



I received the menus and I’m in love. Quality is great and definitely worth the price. Thank you.



The menus are great. Everyone loves them and talks about them!



My wife and I started out in the restaurant business as novices in 2015. We quickly learned that the heart of the entire business would be the menu. Our early menus were just getting us by, barely. By that I mean the depiction, description and placement of items in our menu were really simplistic. What became painfully clear was (the menu) needed to look more polished and professional so it could show and elaborate more to the patron what we offered.

The quest to find help with this kind of menu was incredibly frustrating and then one day by chance I came across the Menuworks website. I asked them to send me samples of their previous work and after so many disappointments I was skeptical to say the least. When I got their samples I was overwhelmed. It was very clear that they were well out in front of everyone I had been in contact with and I knew I had to get involved with them immediately. That's when I had the great fortune to meet John Marsh of Menuworks. He is understatedly a genius in this market and with his vast experience and help he and his graphics team put together the most amazing work I've ever seen. Menuworks launched us to the next level locally, virtually overnight. When we introduced the new menu our sales took off. We were getting huge reviews and guests were referring their friends and neighbors every day. No other competitor we faced locally could even come close to our menu and it clearly set us apart from everyone else. This new menu drove sales to levels we never imagined.




We just had our first full year with Menu Works, and we have seen a 7% increase in revenue sales, and a 1.5% drop in food cost during this period. The care, professionalism is first class. The quality and artwork is superior to any of the other menus we've had in the past 16 years. The Menu Works team treats us as partners in our success.



I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team again for the work on the beautiful new menus! We received them Friday afternoon and began to use them and we have received SO MANY COMPLIMENTS about their new look. Everybody loves them! Thank you.



You know choosing the right menu company is indeed a challenge these days, but I had a welcoming experience throughout the whole menu design process from the start with you and your team of talented designers. Once you achieve that type of trust and bond with a menu company then everything else just falls into place.



We are very happy with your product. We now have our core menu and lunch menu utilizing your product and it has a very professional look and feel to it. We even get comments like that from our guests.



We all love it and have never seen a menu anywhere like it! I'm so happy!

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