Expanding Your Menu with Breakfast & Brunch

Expanding Your Menu with Breakfast & Brunch

It’s always good business to give patrons what they want. Expand your restaurant’s menu to include breakfast and brunch options. Adding these meals can potentially increase revenue and attract customers. There are a few factors to consider before adding breakfast and brunch to your menu. Let’s take a look at how to best maximize your menu expansion.

Vital questions to ask yourself and key personnel:

  • Can you accommodate adding hours to your business day?
  • Does your location have a considerable amount of morning traffic?
  • Does breakfast/brunch fit with your restaurant’s concept?
  • Is there a busy local competitor that could bring overflow business into your establishment?
  • Will adding breakfast/brunch detract from your lunch or dinner sales that may have less volume but yield higher tabs?

By fully assessing your situation, you can decide whether breakfast and/or brunch make sense. If you determine that you can manage the additional hours and demands, plan your menu accordingly to make this decision as profitable as possible.

Popular breakfast and brunch items can increase your return on investment (ROI) attracting diners during the added hours. The lower cost of breakfast ingredients helps increase your profit margin while crafting brunch specials and creating a laid-back or upscale atmosphere with entertainment, enabling you to charge accordingly for the experience as brunch guests tend to linger longer.

More Ways to Increase Revenue with Breakfast & Brunch

  • Breakfast All Day. If your restaurant concept supports this, all dayparts are covered, plus, this can satisfy late-night diners’ breakfast food cravings.
  • Breakfast To-Go. Consider adding easy-to-go items as options for commuters heading to work.
  • Up-sell Beverages. Special coffees, teas, mimosas, Bloody Marys, and other refreshing drinks add a nice touch to morning meals and nice added revenue.
  • Weekends Only. In highly populated cities or on booming main streets, brunch spots see higher foot traffic on weekends. If daily breakfast service is too much to tackle, consider the limited-time option of offering brunch on Saturdays and Sundays to boost your bottom line.
  • Holiday Brunch. Expand holiday business with themed brunches on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day Weekend, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.
  • Enhance Brunch. Offer specials, prix fixe meals with multi-courses and/or beverages included.

Promote Your New Breakfast/Brunch Offerings

  • Special Menu Section. Call out breakfast items in a special area of your menu.
  • Pop-In Pages & Inserts. Pop-in Pages that easily snap into coil-bound menus or inserts that slip into your current menu effectively call attention to breakfast and brunch menus.
  • Specialty Menus. A separate menu for breakfast/brunch or weekend brunch gives customers all your tasty options, right up front. Small flats and other stand-alone menus neatly do the trick!
  • Table Tents. Table Tanks (MenuWorks’ sturdier, superior version of the classic table tent), are an effective way to immediately build awareness, promoting expanded hours and offerings.
  • Social Media. Announce that you’ve added breakfast and/or brunch and post enticing photos of dishes and featured entertainment, if you’ve opted to add music, etc.

Attract customers and increase revenue with breakfast and brunch menus. MenuWorks creates winning menus in attractive formats, plus pop-in pages, inserts, and table tanks for restaurants of all sizes. Showcase breakfast and brunch offerings with our durable, easy-to-clean laminated options that can include Microban® antimicrobial protection at no additional charge. To learn more about successfully presenting and promoting your new daypart selections and how our turnkey services, menu design, and optimization expertise can help, contact one of MenuWorks’ experienced account managers. We’ll send a sample pack of breakfast/brunch menus, inserts, and table tanks for reference and inspiration.


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