The Dirty Truth About Menus

The Dirty Truth About Menus

"Menus are among the most unsanitary surfaces in a restaurant. The bacteria count on menus can be as high as 185,000 per square centimeter – far more than found on a toilet seat, according to a study published by Cleaning & Maintenance Management in 2014.

Upwards of 95% of people fail to properly wash their hands after restroom use, according to statistics. That makes handling a restaurant menu before eating a health gamble." (Staff, 2013)

The MenuWorks/Microban Solution:

To calculate the odds, a modest dining establishment can average a rate of 10 table turnovers. This means that during the course of the day 10 separate diners have occupied each seat in the restaurant. A minimum of 10 people have touched the menu at a single seat in one day, with that number quickly multiplying to 70 per week and 280 for the whole month! That’s nearly 300 pairs of hands that have touched door handles, faces, money, food, cell phones, public transportation and bathrooms. Quick, pass the hand sanitizer!

Thankfully, MenuWorks® and Microban® have partnered to create a menu that inhibits bacterial growth. Our matte-finish menus incorporate Microban anti-microbial technology, which actively works 24/7 to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria on the menu surface. On an unprotected surface, bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes. Microban® protection works continuously to keep the menu cleaner, longer.

Microban protection gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on rapid table turnover in order to maximize your profit. Your employees can quickly clear trash, wipe down tables and replenish silverware in order to seat the next patrons.

While some restaurants keep menus under the hostess station, many leave menus permanently on the table, which means they aren’t retrieved often for cleaning. Low-quality menus peel, shred and stain easily, and won’t endure frequent cleaning. Restaurant employees may try to extend the life cycle of menus by not exposing them to sanitizers or liquids. Unfortunately for the diner, ignoring the cleanliness of the menu can allow germs like staph and MRSA to breed on the surface like a tabletop petri dish.

MenuWorks’ laminated menus are waterproof, so when it does come time for cleaning, a simple solution of dish washing liquid and warm water is enough to do the trick – and the best part is wiping down your menus will not deplete the effectiveness of Microban protection!

Protect Your Investment:

Many customers will recognize the Microban name, as it is used in schools, work places and in an increasing number of consumer products like cell phone covers, play mats and wheelchairs. Your patrons will appreciate the effort made towards a cleaner, healthier eating space.

A customer who gets ill after visiting your establishment can become a lost customer. By investing in MenuWorks’ high-quality menus with Microban coating, you can reduce the spread of harmful bacteria while maximizing the life of your menu.


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